MATH THE BAND @ Salem State

I've been living in Salem for about a year and a half now and I have yet to see any actual magic. The city is swamped with shops selling cards, crystals, and other crap claiming to contain otherworldly powers. There's even a few colorful characters that walk around town in hooded robes with staves and satchels(most likely filled with nips). Unless someone is channeling a spell to extract money from gullible tourists, this place is as muggle as it gets. But that all changed the other night at Salem State University(it looks nothing like Hogwarts...).


I just recently did a shoot with Math The Band for a write up on Noisey. Check it out here(this is the coolest I've been). A few weeks later they are playing a show within walking distance from my home. I can't even begin to explain my wonder for the cosmic forces behind this synchronicity.


The show was everything I remember a MTB show to be. Loud, sweaty, dance party. 


Enjoy the rest